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We want to extend a huge thank you to all of the Junior Tour families that donated toys to our first annual toy drive! Your generosity and kindness will make the holidays extra special for over 100 children in our local community this year.  Together we can make a difference!

Our final toy collection will take place at Lemon Bay Golf Club on December 11th. Our raffle drawings will place take place that day as well. We look forward to seeing you there!


Updated Points Standings Through Week #4

Points Standings Through Week #4

15-18 Age

Connor Demichele 400

Eddie Lainhart 310

Sydney Stevenson 220

Casey Alford 220

Caleb Campos 195

Kyle Souchak 190

Brayden Smith 180

Jack DuPriest 160 - TOP 8

Rogan Odegard 155

Chris Hallman 115

Austin Harrelson 105

Nathan Killian 85

John Case Waldron 85

Ely Houston 60

Stefan Iwasiw 60

Math Coovert 60

Austin Xenakis 35

Luke Gengler 35

Jeff Vivian 30


12-14 Age

Jake McDonald 390

Lucca Brown 305

Tiffany Tran 220

Ryan Giampietro 205

JC Iglesias 205

Grant Miller 180

Colin Katcher 180

Josh Orgen 170 - TOP 8

Blake Heinlein 155

Lucas Akroyd 145

Ethan Hosein 105

Ty Lanham 105

Mathew Jakoby 80

Wyatt Seckel 55

Carlisle Mitchell 55

Cade Perrine 50

Ainsley Grohowski 35

Evan Svheverbeck 30

Landon Young 15

Preston Douglass 10

Alex Hong 5


9-11 Age

Josiah Joseph 350

Niko Gordic Ronderos 290

Hunter Humbert 210

Eshan Adi 210

Zachary Felton 205

Tej Atluru 180

Crew Satkoski 170

Declan Young 155 - TOP 8

Jackson Hollatz 140

Lily Wachter 140

Pedro Olave 135

Eddy Thomas 110

Myiah Davidson 100

Brooklyn Cullen 80

Nehal Thind 60

Rain Jaing 45

Luke Rutledge 45

Owen Smith 30

Cash Warnken 30

Hugh Potter IV 10

Zoe Hout 10


6-8 Age
Isaiah Joseph 350

Tobias Gordic Ronderos 340

Jax Roberts 320

Cam Middleton 310

Nash Roberts 185

Parker Campbell 160

Drew Levine 160

River Towe 155 - TOP 8

Kayden Albritton 145

Will Bachmeier 125

Jose Olave 105

Mary K Boney 70

Harlan Crouch 30


Under Armour Junior Golf ⛳️


Sarasota/Port Charlotte Fall Schedule 2 Matches Remaining!

Saturday December 11th - Lemon Bay CC 11AM

Sunday December 19th  - Plantation CC 11AM Panther

*THE TOP 8 PLAYERS IN EACH OF THE (4) Age Groups will be named to the UA All Star Team and be invited to compete in the Under Armour Winter Nationals - Presidents Day Weekend Feb 18-20th 2022 - Saddlebrook Resort Tampa Florida (see winter nationals page for details)


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League Director

Ray Taranto

Ray Taranto

The Junior Tour Powered by Under Armour, President

Phone: 240-832-3237

Waterford Golf Club 11/28/2021

6-8 Division Medalists

L to R Jax Roberts 2nd, Isaiah Joseph 1st, Tobias Gordic Ronderos 3rd

9-11 Division Medalists

L to R Hunter Humbert 2nd, Niko Gordic Ronderos 1st, Tej Atluru 3rd

12-14 Division Medalists

L to R Lucca Brown 2nd, Jake McDonald 1st, Colin Katcher 3rd

15-18 Division Medalists

L to R Caleb Campos 3rd, Connor Demichele 1st, Sydney Stevenson 2nd

Waterford Golf Club 11/27/2021 Event Scoreboard


6-8 Division Medalists

L to R Drew Levine 3rd, Tobias Gordic Ronderos 1st, Cameron Middleton 2nd BURNT STORE MARINA 11/21/21nd

9-11 Division Medalists

L-R Tej Atluru 2nd, Josiah Joseph 1st, Lily Wachter 3rd BURNT STORE MARINA 11/21/21

12-14 Division Medalists

L-R Ryan Giampietro 3rd, Jake McDonald 1st, Lucca Brown 2nd BURNT STORE MARINA 11/21/21

15-18 Division Medalists

L-R Eddie Lainhart 2nd, Connor Demichele 1st, Kyle Souchak 3rd BURNT STORE MARINA 11/21/21

Burnt Store Marina Scoreboard 11/21/21

Port Charlotte Golf Club 11/7/21

6-8 Division Medalists

L-R Drew Levine 3rd, Isaiah Joseph 1st, Tobias Gordic-Ronderos 2nd

9-11 Division Medalists

L-R Josiah Joseph 3rd, Eshan Adi 1st, Zachary Felton 2nd

12-14 Division Medalists

L-R Jake McDonald 2nd, JC Iglesias 1st, Josh Orgen 3rd

Port Charlotte Event Scoreboard 11/7/21

15-18 Division Medalists

L-R Eddie Lainhart 2nd, Connor DeMichele 1st, Jack DePriest 3rd

Gleneagles Golf Club 10/30/2021

6-8 Division Medalists

L to R Jax Roberts 1st, Isaiah Joseph 2nd, Cam Middleton 3rd

9-11 Division Medalists

L to R Crew Satkoski 2nd, Josiah Joseph 1st, Hunter Humbert 3rd

12-14 Division Medalists

L to R Lucca Brown 3rd, Jake McDonald 1st, Josh Orgen 2nd

15-18 Division Medalists

L to R Eddie Lainhart 3rd, Connor Demichele 1st, Casey Alford 2nd

Gleneagles Event Scoreboard 10/30/2021

National Championship Tournament

Our Fall League National Championship Tournament will be held at Saddlebrook Resort in Florida the weekend of February 18-19-20 - Presidents Weekend! 

Tour Sponsor - RejuvenX Spine and Joint

community partners

Support local junior golf!  Contact your league director for Fall 2020 sponsorship opportunities.

Points for Top 15

1st - 100

2nd - 90

3rd - 80

4th - 70

5th - 60

6th - 50

7th - 45

8th - 40

9th - 35

10th - 30

11th – 25

12th - 20

13th - 15

14th - 10

15th - 5